Who I am?

My name is Daniela Günter and im your "lawyer" for the right to:

  • Unconditional (Self)-Love
  • Emotional Stability
  • Self-directed Happiness

As  a psychological counselor and systemic coach I defend your happiness in life against belief-systems and relationship-patterns that were once important as a coping strategy against the adversities of growing up - but whose expiry date has long since passed?

I am happy to help you with acute or chronic stress in the field of:

  • Relationship with ourselves & others
  • Meaning of life
  • Work, vocation
  • Family
  • Lifestyle

My methodology is made of an individual mix of:

  • Respectful-sensitive empathy
  • Focused attention
  • Own targeted questioning style
  • Mentoring elements (targeted transfer of knowledge)
  • Meditative thought experiments
  • Effective coaching exercises
  • Selfcare & Self-Empowerment tools

It enables:

  1. An inner change of perspective in order to unmask unfavorable belief systems, for which we ourselves are often obscured.
  2. A change of perspective to the other, to remove the breeding ground for misjudgments and disappointed feelings.

With the resulting aha effects and empowerment tools, which I tailor to you personally and give you along the way, we win the upcoming development case.

Within the meaning of systemic coaching, I believe in you and your ability to find solutions for your current topic, which I would be happy to uncover with you.

"Healing to go" is a unique self-empowerment concept that I have put together with great dedication and care over the past 10 years.

 I feel great joy and gratitude to see how successfull my methology works out for my clients and coachees.

I work as:

  • Holistic Psychological Counselor
  • Systemic and Business Coach
  • Author and speaker of my coaching podcast for self-empowerment

I am constantly educating myself in the fields of psychology, spirituality and personality development.

My personality combines a respectful, deep interest in the other person with intuitive access to what could be waiting for solution and development there.

I look forward to supporting you and thank you for your trust.

Career path

Key subjects of further education and seminars:

Systemic Coaching

Systemic family constellation / Inner child

De-escalating Conversation Techniques

Conflict resolution

Nonviolent Communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg

High Sensitivity

About me:

  • Born in 1980, from Hamburg

  •  Business school leaving certificate followed by teacher training course at the University of Hamburg (including intercultural understanding, educational psychology)

  •  Traineeship and editorial work at Hamburg magazines. Focus: Interviews with public figures

  •  Event management: social receptions, political talks. As well as PR/Booking for concert events


  • 2007 - '10: Own Psychoanalysis according to Freud (300 hours) 

  • Since 2009 editing and media consulting on Corporate Social Responsibily at eco-social family-publisher for CSR-magazines

  • Since 2011 I have been living close to nature in the north of  Berlin

  •  Foundation of "Healing to go - Coaching for Self-Empowerment".  Active as holistic psychological counselor & systemic coach.

  •  Author and speaker of Empower Yourself - Dein Coaching Podcast

  •  I speak german, english and swedish 

Please note:

It is important to me to point out that I am not a doctor, psychologist nor naturopath.
The coaching and mentoring I offer does not replace medical, psychiatric, psychotherapeutic nor naturopathic treatment.

The term "Healing-to-go" refers to the concept of The Forest Walk-Coaching. This does not represent a promise of healing from a medical point of view. In my work, I neither make medical diagnoses nor do I carry out medical treatments.

Daniela Günter-Personal Coach-Mentoring, Healingtogo, Coaching für Self-Empowerment

"Don't choose to absorb
Don't choose to reflect

Choose to transform!"

BK Sister Shivani (Brahma Kumaris)