My vision & mindset

My mother used to tell me when I was a little girl:
"This is the Iron Age!".

But she also said that a golden age will return cyclically. It would be only a matter of time.

What makes the golden age golden after all? 
In my vision, living beings treat each other peacefully and lovingly - each in their own radius of influence.
That is, where we step out the door and happily ask our neighbor how they are doing and what's new.

That works so wonderfully because everyone first pays attention to the battery charge level of their own life- and good-mood-battery and knows how to make sure that it is always fully charged!

Only then everyone is ready to go into the field of relationships and work there constructively with a giving attitude, accepting and loving unconditionally.

As in the golden age it is no longer the other person on the outside who is responsible for our well-being, but we ourselves on the inside - independent and powerful, fully aware of our positive ability to act and create!

Now the Iron Age, like the idea of ​​hell, is in my opinion a state of mind. And we can shape it right now and let it shine!

I've experienced it myself: 
A change from emotional dependency and projecting responsibility to the outside,
towards a more free, self-responsible, positive lifestyle for my self and those who are around me. To that degree that I can say:

Yes it works! And it feels good on that path, where i am also allowed to stumble or fall sometimes, but at least i know: I am right here on this path.

Let's go! Into our own personal golden age, here and now!

Heartfelt yours, Daniela Günter

I believe in lifelong learning and invite to let go of the expectation of perfection  on ourselves and others. 

Both science and spirituality invite you to experiment:
If it doesn't work that way, then another way! Don't give up, but try again in a different way...

Daniela Günter

 Holistic-Integrative Psychological Counseling & Systemic Coaching 

Recommendations From The Heart

Therapeutisches Malen, Kunst, Intuition, Liebe, Segenskärtchen, Ulrike Hirsch, Lebenshilfe, Coaching

When pictures give us love...

I recommend the Art Shop of painter Ulrike Hirsch, whose pictures have a therapeutic effect and strengthen us in fields such as self-love and love of life. Near Leipzig, she also offers workshops on intuitive painting amongst others.

Glückscoaching, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, VHS, Berlin, Glück, Coaching

When Qi Gong leads to self-discovery...

The Berlin Happiness Coach Dr. Shuang Zuang makes us arrive at the body, with her loving and joyful nature and Qi Gong exercises. "If you want to love yourself, you have to find  yourself first", says Shuang.

Bo Setterlind, skogen, der wald, auf deutsch, englisch, in english, The forest, poem, poet, sweden, swedish

The Forest

Poet Bo Setterlind's poem "Skogen" translated from Swedish from "Nefertiti's Wisdom and Other Poems", 1968:

Have you forgotten that the forest is your home,
That the great deep silent forest
is waiting for you as a friend?
Leave the troubles of the city
come back to the forest
Only then you can become whole again.
Have you forgotten that the forest is your friend?
The ant's way under the sky,
The source where such bright conversations grow
The clearing where you play with the rain
are they forgotten?
Don't you remember them?