Welcome offer in June 2023

The proven 3-session package:

"In three sessions, from problem to the goal, to your resources"

3 x 90 minutes for a total price of €199 instead of €337

Healing to go


Psychological Counselling 

Systemic Coaching

The Forest Walk-Coaching & Coaching In The Gallery 

in idyllic Berlin Alt-Tegel

as well as 

Video-Call & Telephone-Counselling from anywhere

Life Coaching

Feeling right and cared for

With my holistic-integrative psychological counselling I offer you a confidential discussion framework for the smaller and bigger crises of life, disorientation and mental overload:

As a fulfilled life requires the constant attention and balance of all four needs: the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual ones.

Personal & Business Coaching

Solution-focused thinking, accomplish changes, reaching goals

In systemic coaching we develope strategiesfor success together, for your more concrete private and professional change wishes and goals in a professionally sound manner.

We use proven coaching methods that open up a mental space and thought process in you  which unfold undreamt-of possibilities, solutions, resources and strength in a wonderful way.


Interdisciplinary mix of methods "Healing to go"

 The solution-oriented and empowering "Healing to go" concept is an interdisciplinary mix of methods that combines coaching, training, counselling and mentoring tailored to your individual needs.

"Healing to go" already conveys in its name that you can feel free of a momentary stress, helplessness, problem or a lack of motivation as soon as possible: 

Internally clarified and equipped with the tools to shape and enjoy life again the way you really want it: Satisfied and at peace with yourself and your world, knowing and reaching your goals. 

For more details: About me & the methods  | *What do i mean by holistic-integrative

"When man contemplates the universe of which he is a part, he sees nothing but changes in matter, forces, and states of mind. 
He sees that  nothing is real but everything becoming and changing. Nothing stands still.

Everything is born, grows, dies. There are no permanent properties. Nothing is more constant than change."

On the "Law of Rhythm" from: 
"Kybalion: A Study in the Hermetic Philosophy of the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians"